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Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Foundation Repair Warranty Is Transferable.

Enjoy a lifetime foundation repair warranty that’s transferable. PD Foundations offers outstanding protection to all of its local customers. That’s because we’re genuinely committed to doing the best possible job and guarantee our work. No matter what area of HOUSTON you live in, you can rest assured that the warranty we provide will protect your foundation for years to come.

What’s Included In A Lifetime Foundation Repair Warranty?

A foundation repair warranty protects your home or structure in the event that it needs future work. This can save you quite a bit on foundation costs. The warranty applies to the specific areas of your property that were fixed the company you hired. It does not pertain to the work that company did not do to begin with. In the event the piers that were installed need to be adjusted, they generally be adjusted at no charge. Some companies guarantee their work for a short period of time and others do it for life. Some warranties are even transferable.

What’s A Transferable Foundation Warranty?

It’s a warranty that can be transferred to a future owner. This means that the next owner of your house or structure will enjoy the full benefits of the warranty. Property owners commonly request a lifetime foundation repair warranty. The warranty is generally valid on your property provided that no major structural changes have been made to it*. It is important to read your warranty agreement. (* Subject to “Conditions of Transfer”).

How Much Does A Foundation Repair Warranty Cost?

It’s generally free to property owners. If the homeowner wishes to make the warranty transferable to a future owner,  there is most often a relatively small one-time transfer fee involved.


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